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Internet Download Manager Awards

ZDNet editors pick IDM award

ZDNet editors pick.

CNET editors pick IDM award

CNET editors pick.

olFTP Awards IDM award

VolFTP Awards 2003.

SoftLandMark IDM award

5/5 rating. Editors Pick.

FileHungry IDM award

5/5 rating.

5RocketDownload IDM award

5/5 rating. Editors Pick.

File Transit IDM award

File Transit
5/5 rating.

Digital Sea Editors pick IDM award

Digital Sea
Editors pick.

Global Shareware IDM award

Global Shareware
5/5 rating.

SofoTex IDM award

5/5 rating.

5star Shareware IDM award

5star Shareware
5/5 rating.

UKwares Awards IDM award

UKwares Awards
5/5 rating.

List Soft Users Choice IDM award

List Soft
Users Choice.

List Soft Editors Choice IDM award

List Soft
Editors Choice.

Cnet rating IDM award

Cnet rating
5/5 rating.

UKwares IDM award

Awarded Best of the best.

Shareware river IDM award

Shareware river
5/5 rating.

The file transit IDM award

The file transit
5/5 rating.

Cnet IDM Editors pick award

Editors pick.

Final Download IDM award

Final Download
5/5 rating.

TopShareware IDM award
5/5 rating.

TopShareware Editors choice IDM award
Editors choice.

softodrom IDM award


popularshareware IDM award

Popular Shareware
5/5 rating.

ABCdatos IDM award
programa de la semana

5awards IDM award

5/5 rating.

Version Tracker IDM award

Version Tracker
5/5 rating.

List Soft Users Choice IDM award

List Soft
Users Choice.

Shareup Users Choice IDM award
Users Choice.

filegalaxy IDM award
5/5 rating.

EZ Goal IDM award

EZ Goal
10/10 rating.

Hotlib IDM award

Award Gold.

oft For All IDM award

Soft For All
5/5 rating.

soft32 IDM award
5/5 rating.

Brother Soft IDM award

Brother Soft
5/5 rating. Editors pick.

WorldSSP IDM award
5/5 rating.

Download2you IDM award

5/5 rating. IDM award
5/5 rating.

softpedia_m IDM award
5/5 rating.
Soft pedia pick

Softpile IDM award
5/5 rating.

Bluechillies IDM award
5/5 rating. IDM award
5/5 rating.

Softnew IDM award
Award Gold.

gDownloadBlast IDM award
Editors pick.

FileFlash IDM award

5/5 rating.

goldenshareware IDM award

5/5 rating.

mostshareware IDM award
Editors choice.

downloadrage IDM award

5/5 rating.

goldsoft IDM award

5/5 rating.

butterflydownload IDM award

5/5 rating.

pcsoftland IDM award

5/5 rating.

!cid_arou IDM award

5/5 rating.

perfectdownloads IDM award

5/5 rating.

softizer IDM award

5/5 rating.

freetrialsoft IDM award

5/5 rating.

8844download IDM award

5/5 rating.

WebAttack IDM award
5/5 rating. Editors pick.

Soft Awards IDM award

Soft Awards
Editors pick.

Popular Shareware IDM award

Popular Shareware
Editors pick.

ITPRO Downloads IDM award

ITPRO Downloads
Top 5 ranking.

FindApp IDM award
5/5 rating.

pcworld IDM award

5/5 rating.

Programosy IDM award
5/5 rating.

User Testimonials

"Absolutely GREAT software!"

Downloads are very fast. Publisher keeps on top of his product and frequently updates. Updates are fast and smooth. This is the smoothest problem free software I own. I have tried many download managers and all had some kind of glitch or problem, but not this one. I was so impressed that I purchased it. I have been using it for several years now and it is well worth the small amount of money I spent on it. I wish all my programs would run as well as this one does.


"This is the best software I ever used"

5 times download speed acceleration Scheduler to have downloads run during night time Grabber to download files from web sites automatically Video download feature shows download buttons next to videos in the Internet. You can now download and save all videos to your local disk . They sell 3 copies for $19.95 each for lifetime license. But you can purchase one-year license for as low as $9.95 per computer. This is not expensive keeping in mind all benefits you will get. Also the program is proved to be clean, no viruses, malware, adware, spyware or anything like that. The company released first version of IDM in 2001, so it means a thing, and IDM is still the best on the market.

John Sr Peterson

"An excellent tools !!"

I am using IDM For a long tme long before they change their interfaces. For me I like this software cause a speedy down loader almost 5 times greater than the widows own downloader! It has got so many helpful option like resuming download and others. I am quite sure you like it. Try it. Once you used to it, you cant go without it! Updatng is normal and helpful, who wants a old software, it takes a few seconds.


"Best utility"

Really easy to use even for beginner like me does what you want!


"Worked great, its cheap, and get support too."

Bought this back in September 2011. Works quite well. Have tried other downloads and none of them have served me as well. I saw someone make a spyware accusation but have had no problems. I repeat no problems with spyware or malware from this. All free downloads make offers to install other stuff, just say no. My old computer broke down. Got tech support from this company. That is why I am doing this review. A good product, with effective tech support, I like it.


"Very cheap"

It vastly accelerates the speed of downloads and offers a variety of options for saving them including a drag and drop to another folder feature


"This program is awesome"

Excellent program that exceeded my expectations. It will handle all your downloads and put them in special folders that you determine. It will rip websites I have never regretted purchasing this program and I do a LOT of downloading. At my discretion it will download everything including Youtube and other videos. It will rip websites I seriously don't get the other comments, This is one of the most bug free programs that I own. It vastly accelerates the speed of downloads and offers a variety of options for saving them including a drag and drop to another folder feature


"IDM is the best and awesome Manager to everybody use."

Been using IDM for a few years. Great for downloading all kinds of stuff from the internet. Two clicks and go about your business - it will tell you when the download is complete. If you want to download your applications, songs, documents without any error and fast use Internet Download Manager which is the best.


"amazing application, super fast download"

The is the fastest download manager I have ever used. Download videos directly from youtube and other sites.


"It's really nice"

Great affordable tool. By the way, downloading from Youtube is easiest with IDM, just a click on "download this video" button above the video, and you have it on your computer in several seconds. In my web browser I usually download at around 300KB/s max. With Internet Download Manager I never dropped below 900KB/s. If you're looking for a download manager that just about triples your download speed, this is for you.


"A must have for internet surfers!"

A must have for ppl who download large files online. I had NO SPYWARE whatsoever I mainly download program upgrades or programs I'm trying out. I'd rather go for a program that focuses on download speed which it does. Large downloading of game updates, applications and movies have never been faster! 2 Thumbs up!


"Fast speed easy to use application. highly recommended!"

Fast downloading speed. You don't have to be a scientist to use it. I've been testing this product during last month on my Windows 7. It's worth a good applause. First it has an amazing download speed in comparison to other download managers. You know there are several download managers on the market, some full of spyware and malware, but others are clean, easy to use, and user friendly. I should say this one is a great application. Actually this downloader is the best I have come across. It works rock stable, it's easy to use, and it downloads LIGHTING FAST, It's much better than other download managers I've used so far. Surely this is a MUST HAVE tool. If you don't use it, you miss it. If you use it, downloading works like a charm.


"Unbelievable Downloader of the Century!"

No one can hold a candle to IDM. You will love IDM! Write a 5 star review and earn $$$. No need to keep IDM at all if you not happy.



Please rush and pay to IDM now! You will not regret it. Take a look at all the awards on the home page of Internet Download Manager. I am on a 200kb/s. This outstanding application did in 990kb/s. How does IDM do it? This is fantastic. What can I say? This is really awesome..


"Underrated/Bar None The Best!!"

1-- 100% FULL VERSION FREE for 30-Days w/out the need of giving any Emails or Personal Info just INSTAL and USE. 2-- Works on just about all Streaming Video sites. 3-- Even if the Video stops playing or won't Buff 100% it will still complete the download. 4-- Constant Updates especially on YouTube's constant changes. 5-- Very Easy to use / Just Press Play on a Video and Download.



I am in IT and have found this to be the BEST program. It updates regularly, has outstanding support team if you have a question, easy to use, and super fast downloads with this IDM download manager.THE BEST!


"This is the best download manager, period."

This is the best download manager I have ever tried. I tried almost all free alternatives, and they were slow or buggy with the sites I was downloading from. Internet Download Manager is a master of download manager programs. It downloads reliably from most video and file sharing sites. All free download managers I tried, downloaded files with errors from time to time, or could not download videos, or files from file sharing sites at all. I think most people are not that naive nowadays, and understand that nothing on our material world come for free. I've got a bunch of spyware and adware after installing free download managers, I hardly could get rid of. I suspect I still have some spyware or trojans remained after them. Did the installation worth it? As for me, I better pay 25 bucks for this software which is just awesome, work fine, and proved to be clean


"very fast downloading"

Internet Download Manager really deserves its' name. At first I couldn't believe it! They said that my download speed would be fastened to 500%. But my actual speed is fastened even to 600%. For me, as adsl internet user, it really was a problem to download something. Since i have got IDMan, everything is easier. Once you'll have tested it, you won't be able to live your "INTERNET LIFE" without it. It is the best download software and fulfills what it promises. My conclusion: "Who doesn't test it, misses one of the greatest internet software ever!"

Tony Dakota

"Super Fast Downloading Speed and User friendly Interface"

Super Fast Downloading Speed and User friendly Interface makes IDM the most popular internet download manager in the world. It's currently the #1 file downloading software in the market with an affordable price and free future updates. I'm amazed to see the speed of IDM, it really downloads files at a 5X speed. You can even download Videos at that high speed and enjoy the internet. IDM makes playing with the net easy and enjoyable, and that's what keeps it ahead of other Internet Download Managers

SkyHIT Blog

"Way Cool! passwords, multithreads, recover/resume"

This is slick. After one use I paid and registered. I had tried several dozen times to download a 6 meg file from a flakey site. Kept stopping part-way thru. Tried other download managers. Either did not handle password protection or did not help. This product ROCKS! It started nine connections with a graphic view of where in the file each started. When a faster connection caught up to where the next connection started, it found the largest remaining gap and started in the middle of it. SLICK


"Great product"

I've been using this with my 56k modem. Usually my downloads are really slow and only download at the most 5.5k/s. I've tried just about every download accelerator and every single one actually slowed my connection down. This one DOUBLED it. I'm not even exaggerating. Sometimes it even downloads at speeds up to 17.5k/s. I'M VERY HAPPY

Very happy user

"A 200 percent boost"

Well, I am not going to exaggerate in this review. This tripled my download speed, giving nice, fast downloads. From 20KB/S, I moved up to 60KB/S - the promised speed on my DSL connection. Well, not exactly, but this is a powerful accelerator, so download it.



Something that was going to take me 30 or so hours of constant reconnections on my own, and possibly having to start over, will now be done in about 6 hours WITHOUT my attention.. Awesome!


"Very fast downloading"

I've been testing this product for a month on my Windows XP box. I should say it's really something. IDM works rock stable, it's easy to use and LIGHTING FAST. It's much better that all other download managers I've used so far. It's a MUST HAVE tool. If you don't use it, you miss it. If you use it, downloading works like a charm.

Dave Older

"Fast, comfortable, stable, no-ads"

Everynight I use IDM to download anime episodes 1 by 1, IDM could power-off my PC when it's done. And the anime is ready when I wake up. IDM is nearly perfect, I don't need another download manager anymore. Note: It's possible to change the file name when you download a file. But it would ask if you want to use the original filename when you resume a download. It's bad when you schedule the files 1 by 1. As the user is AFK and the download would stop. So if you want to change the filename, do it manually when the download is completed. Also, my DSL ISP tends to cut my internet connection at early morning. If the download is not completed, IDM would just trying to resume until I wake up. I think it would be a good idea if they add a option [power-off computer when lost connection: timeout (15min)]


"Amasing! Incredible!"

I couldn't believe this! I d/l it with great skepticism, and normally don't add comments to programs. But, this thing rocks!!! I was downloading the latest Opera when I read this. I d/l this program, installed it and ran it. I decided to test the speed and started it d/l the same file from the same location. It is a 12MB download. When I started the d/l, Internet Explorer had d/l 73% of the file already. This program had the file d/l, opened and installed and IE was only up to 83%!!!! Unreal! I wish I had had this earlier when I d/l a 33MB service pack update from Borland for my Delphi 6!!! Don't think twice - get this program!

Matt Brock

"Must have!"

People, this is a must have. I am a step up from novice and it is great... Thank you staff.... I prefer this over D.A.P. because it does NOT have a ads window in it which decreases bandwidth... I am seeing rates from 2.0 to 10.0KB/sec.... I have dial up modem.... Rare occassion, rates to 15.0KB/sec.... I would really listen to the people who give this HIGH marks....They know what there talking about....I have made this my default manager....Try it, you will love it.


"It does what it is supposed to do"

I have tried at least 10 of the more popular download managers. Most do not do what they claim to do, and in fact are no better than IE's generic manager. Too many of the managers have pop-up ads and spyware, which I find objectionable, offensive and counter effective. IDM however has given me anywhere from a 10% to 300% download speed boost depending on the site. The slowest came from Autodesk, and the fastest was from Norton Anti virus updates. I'll keep trying it, and if I find it continues to deliver, then I will definitely buy it.



When I read the description on this programme I went "yea right". Did I get a shock. I was downloading files from a server in the US at about 18k/per sec and was getting really bored so I thought lets see what this prog can do. I installed it and tried again OMG 80.7k download speed, thats more than a 400% increase. I've used the programmes before that claim to do this and that and all they are is just a lot of hot air, but this thing actually does what it say's it can do. If your line says it can download at xxx per sec then this programme will do it. Try it like I did and you won't ever go back to any other way to download.


"Good enough to buy it for $100.00"

I just finished buying your program, (IDM), after having used it for 30 days. I must say that it truly impressed me from the very beginning. I have several computers and actually tested how long it would take to download a particularly large program from the internet that I purchased, (I buy and use many image editing programs and plug-ins). The 2 computers were basically the same and the one without IDM took 1.7 hours to download! (I said it was a big program). However, the one with IDM took just under 20 minutes!!! I was convinced right there that I was going to add IDM to my list of programs. But it wasn't until I looked into the program manager a little more closely that I realized just how much more the IDM can do, (such organize my downloads and even do it in categories!). And there's still more options and advantages to learn. Well I just wanted to let you know that this is one of my best programs and at an unbelievably great price, (I really thought that this would cost over $100.00 before I actually bought it).

Rich Petocz

"The greatest Internet product I've ever used!"

I downloaded the IDM trial yesterday. Today I paid for the full version :) Our family of four share a 256k ADSL connection, but by far I download the most stuff - and whenever I do, they get annoyed because it slows their connections to a crawl. Using IDM I just schedule the downloads to run overnight. That way, I get the files I need and they still get to use the internet without tearing their hair out. Everybody wins! Thanks for a great product!


"greatest product I have ever tried"

This application is awesome. It works great and increases Internet download speed from 15KB/S to 200KB/S. I have adsl modem and download tons of movies and mp3 files daily. Once I have tried IDM, I can't imagine my Internet life without it. If you have a Satellite, CABLE or DSL connection, DOWNLOAD IDM, You will love it!

Pete Jones

"amazing, superior, excellent"

People, this tool is awesome. Usually I don't add comments to any programs, but I spared my precious time to write the following. I downloaded this program with a great skepticism, installed it and after this event my Internet life has changed. My downloads take minutes instead of long long hours. I download divx movies and mp3 files at least 5 times faster and sometimes even more. IDM's download performance is excellent, it takes small memory and CPU resources and works stable on my new desktop computer. Thanks very much for this great tool. I recommend it! Download it, try it, and you won't regret!!!


"I love it!"

Simple drag and drop for http. Full ftp support. Detailed logs. Not even small banners, No popups. One site I use would not work with any other download manager and IE kept losing the connection. IDMan works great.

Noel O'Sulli

"It realy worth your money"

I've been using it since version 3.01. It saved my life a lot of times. It's one of those software programs that you can't live without them. What I like most is that Tonec Inc. keep fixing bugs and releasing patches all the time. That's good. This software is here to stay. I remember contacting them by eMail and got a fast and decent response.

George May

"Really nice stuff"

Well, I tried this program and must say it's very helpful. I downloaded tons of mp3, mpg, avi, movies, and etc. files daily and often from very slow sites. I had been using dap for more then two years until I found this program. IDM downloaded the same file almost 2 times faster! It's incredible! And it's rock stable under my Win 7 desktop. I'm thinking about buying it after the trial period. I recommend this product to everyone who is looking for fast and stable download manager.


"Worked great!"

Downloaded 13mb & 9mb flies no problem on lousy 19200 connection. Prior to install I could only get 1/3 of the download. Highly recommend for slow dialup.

James Lolace

"It does exactly what it says on the tin"

This product works. It does what it says it will do. My downloads were much faster using it compared to using Internet Explorer. I tried it with a 450 MB file (I have 256K DSL). IE could only manage 10KBs at best and kept disconnecting. With DM I got 25KBs and no disconnects.


"Got excellent results comparing to Windows downloader"

There is about a 300% improvement between this product and the downloader that you get with Microsoft Windows, so IDM is worth to be downloaded and installed.


"Excellent program"

I'm very impressed with this whole program. Much better than DAP and not Spyware. Integrates automatically into Internet Explorer and runs the virus scanning software after the download is completed. Wish I'd tried this one a long time ago. It took three minutes to download what normally takes nine.

Shane Jacobsen

"IDMan is wonderfull"

I have tried most of the download managers out there and I always end up back with IDMan. It's the fastest, the easiest to use and I get the most stable downloads with it. I think it's the best you can find for now.


"Incredible Internet program"

This product is great. It easy to use. There no advertising which is a plus. I try other program and this program was the best. I urge you to try it out. Its a cool and easy to use programe.and it could dl files without any problem. I loved this software so much that I registered it. i never rate any product but this download manager is complete great! It's absolutly incredible, congratulations!

James White



Penicular Eaterus

"No downloading problems anymore"

I don't know what to say... My son found this program on ZDNet and we are really amazed with using it at home. I managed to download the same file almost 2 times faster than Getright. It's very easy to use and it works fine with servers where Download Accelerator and Getright fail. Thanks to Tonec staff for this fine work. I contacted Tonec about future versions and they told me that I would expect even more feature and better speed in newer versions that would be released every month.

Byron Olson


Finally! My search has ended. It's here, and i'm glad i found it after looking for alternative download accelerator. I tried "Download Accelerator" and "Fresh UI" but they all are bloated Buggy piece of garbage applications. I am a programmer my self and know good work when i see it. This program has the most easiest interface of them all, very straight forward and best of all.. No Banners! I was downloading a file and it was kind've an emergency. It's 442 MB and theres over 400 people downloading it. It was going 15kb/sec constant using explorers built in downloader and i got 30kb/sec using both download accelerator and Fresh UI because the file was hosted on two mirrors hence 15 + 15 = 30kb/sec. This program is going 150kb/sec!!! It's the technique they use for the download process that makes this so efficient in downloading. Pat your selves on the back, not only do i appreciate this program but the time it has saved me.

Mike Canejo

"Just Superb ... One must use no other download softwer than this One..."

I am just amazaed with the download speed i have achieved using this software... I just couldn't resist my joy after using this product.... I HAVE DOWNLOADED 1 GB sized software after using this


"best download aid"

Wow!!!!!!!!This program is excellent, download very fast & is easy to use. I have been using this program for a two months and cannot think of downloading without it! I love this program!!! It speeds up my downloads significantly and restores them when I come back on. When I download I can pause and download it later. I have never seen a better stability with such ease of use offering such a downloading speed! It's a really good tool especially for those long downloads.

Noah Haynes

"yes, it's fast and stable"

IDM works fine without any glitches for more than 6 months on my copmputer. Yes, i'm a registered user and i'm pretty happy with this app. Any other accelerator is a piece junk when you compare it with IDM! Try this, compare, you should make a conclusion for yourself. Great app!


"The coolest downloader ever!"

We have been using this program for a two months and cannot think of downloading without it!

Pol and Kate

"no spyware, no ads, fast, and stable product!"

Finally we can have a product that has no spyware inside. We have tested it intensively in our Internet lab, the code is absolutely clean. No unsolicited connections or spyware modules inside. You don't have to worry about that all your actions are being traced. A rarity nowadays!! Also IDM is very fast and stable. We didn't have even a single crash during last 4 months. It's a great product! The great job of programmers. MUST HAVE!!!

Bruce Norris

"If you use "dial up" then this is a must have!!!!!!"

Your downloads will be significantly faster with this product. It saves me tons of time doing downloads. I am still using the primitive method of dial up for my connection. So this is well worth the cost. The freebie download managers only work half as well as this one.


"Worth it"

I only got the trail period and I've actually considered buying it. It's a great program that splits dl's well as well as tracks your history and manages all your download needs. Really it's good. The only reason I won't buy it is College is making me broke ;) Oh well. It's at least worth the DL. Great app, a good program! It downloads very fast. I recommend it!

Larry Johnson

"Speeds UP FTP connections"

I was downloading a file from an FTP server and getting speeds of 10k/sec even with a Cable Connection, but now I'm getting close to 50k/sec. I would recommend this product to both broadband and dial-up users.



Hi (Please forward this email onto everyone in your company). I just want to congratulate you all on an amazing application. I'm a senior web developer and have also spent many years developing in C++. I know the importance of good software and good standards. It is clear to everyone that you value your customers. A major fall down with shareware is that users are restricted or bugged to buy before they get to test it thoroughly. I would never part with my money until I've tested well. Because you don't bug the users with these reminders and have a 30-day trial it REALLY DOES make you stand out from the crowd. I have been using Internet Download Manager for just over 2 weeks & am EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with it and am going to purchase the full program, especially as a way of saying thanks. Please keep up the good work! You may feel at times that you're getting nowhere or people are just using it without paying. I kow the feeling as a developer but I have learnt that your approach is without doubt the best. Not only do your customers value you, but everywhere you look, customers are praising you. That SPEAKS VOLUMES!!! Thanks guys & no matter how tempted you get never make the interface more complicated, as the simplicity but DETAILED information & impressive download speeds is what makes it so powerful!! I wish I had ?1,000,000 to award you properly!! All the best!

Phil Keys

"I love this program!!"

I started using this when I still had my 56K modem. I was very impressed with the speed then, but now that I have a cable connection, it is even better! I highly recommend this for anyone who is impatient (like me) with download speeds. I have never used anything that impressed me enough to write about. That should tell you something I guess.


"awesome product"

It's a good product. I use it from version 3.07 and I have absolutely no negative thoughts about the product, their support service and the downloading speed it offers. My wife needs to download tons of files from the Internet. With my cable connection it can be cumbersome, since hundreds of users share the same line. I feel safe with the reliability and the stability of this application. Even if the connection drops, we can resume our downloads seamlessly. Thanks for this great product! It helps us so much!!!

Steve Cothren

"that is what I need"

This application rules. I spent more than 2 weeks trying many download managers. I had 3 favorites: MassDownloader, Getright and Flashget. MassDownload is good, but works really strange with file queues. Getright is also good, but have a lot of unnecessary features. I like its browser feature though. Flashget is excellent but Internet Download Manager beats them all in speed. It seems that they also optimize all connection settings to further increase your download speed. I started the download of the same AVI file in these four managers on four different computers in my office and Internet Download Manager was a clear winner. It downloaded the file when Flashget showed 75 percent, MassDownloader showed 70 percent and Getright showed 72 percent. It shows that the download logic of Internet Download Manager is excellent. If you need a real download accelerator - just go and get it. I was really impressed with the speed of downloads as well as intuitive user interface and its easiness to use. It goes directly to the point and does its work excellent. Guys, I'm really impressed with this application! Internet Download Manager is a MUST have tool!!!

John Stoner


Fastest download manager I've used so far! Makes it easy to download FreeBSD from Windows and make the switch so I won't use Windows again!

Bill G

"Does exactly what it was created to do, make downloads faster!"

This program is the best, its not confusing at all and dont have unnessary features, its just a simple download accelerator that works great! Ive tried just about every download manager out there and this one is simply.....the best. I was using FlashGet but this program blows it away. I'm pleasantly surprised! Buy IDM, you wont make a mistake!


"D O W N L O A D...IT'S AMAZING!!!!!"

Guys, this program rules!!! I mean it! This is the only application that does exactly what it should do!!! Much better than the REGISTERED version of DAP. It has no words to be described. Download it!!!

Michael Martin

"This is real!"

I use this software to download files from the internet (music, movies,....etc) The first time I used Internet Download Manager 6.11, I was skeptical about it, but when I used it I was stunned. THIS IS AMAZING, the download speed was tripled, I give it to the folks who produced this great software. I don't usually leave feedback about the products I buy or use, but I'm so happy with this program and I wanted to share this treasure with everybody.


"Excellent program"

I'm very impressed with this whole program. Much better than DAP and not Spyware. Integrates automatically into Internet Explorer and runs the virus scanning software after the download is completed. Wish I'd tried this one a long time ago. It took three minutes to download what normally takes an hour.

Paul Chow

"Excellent program. warp 10"

I'm very impressed with this program. Much better than all other download managers and not spyware. Integrates automatically into Internet Explorer and runs the virus scanning software after the download is completed. I have never seen downloads so fast i have a sat connection and my downloads were always good but this is crazy fast and my web surfing is fast after the install. Wish I'd tried this one a long time ago. It took three minutes to download what normally takes an hour.

Tim Seymur


I use a broadband connection (512k). after I downloaded this program I downloaded a 40mb file, and took about 15 minutes. And at the fastest rate I got up to 130Kb per second, ( I.E. 1 Mb per 8 seconds ) and that was using the 30 day trial WOW !!


"a great program"

I used Go!zilla for a very long time , but this proggie is great, I like it more, it's very simple and going direct to the point. Another good feature is the capability to capture the redirected files, this is really cool, Go!zilla can't do this


"It works when all other D/L Managers fail"

Where Getright and Gozilla fail, Internet Download Manager picks up. This program D/Ls from sites that those 2 programs could never get info from. That's saying a lot. Good work to the programmers. I might actually pay for this one = )

Diego Valente


My computer is a broken dsl modem. it downloaded about 12 kbs per second. I have been searching for a product like this for a while. This product made my downloads burst up to 106 kbs. It is very easy to use. If you are looking for jsut a booster that you click on it and starts working , then you have a problem. Internet Download manager opens up a file to transer downloads 500% percent better. It is very easy when you figure out how to use it, it took me two minutes ot figure it out, and i am seeing results instantly. I just downloaded 5 songs in about 1 minute. i honestly think on my fathers grave, that i never never seen a program work this fast. Please dowload this file, it is for your own good.

Andy DEV- ma

"good, easey to use"

great, in helping with brocken dowloads. waches for new dowloads. one BAD point it's not free?


"Realy nice stuff"

Well, I tried this program and must say it's wery helpfull. I downloads tons of mp3 and etc. files daily and offen from very slow sites. I used Net Vampire for more then two years when I found this program. IDMan downloaded the same file almost 2 times faster! It's incredible! And it's quate stable to under my Windows XP. I even think about buing it after trial period. I recommend this product to all who looking for fast and stable download manager.


"Top Notch"

I never had a download manger with this kind of speed. This is real fast. This rocks! This is the one the others need to beat. have tried over 15 download managers, but this one is the only one that works well.


"The Best!"

This is the only download manager that works. needless to say that i've tested all of them.from getright, dap to mass downloader, lightining download. this will actually speeds up your downloads especially when having 16 connections per file. It made my downloads really faster(dial up). it also pauses,schedules & all what you need in a download manager. So download this tool now & you will begin a new era in the internet!

Jack Simon

"STABLE download manager!!"

i've tried using other good download managers like getright and DAP.but this new version of IDM SURPRISED me because of its stability in downloading files.i'm cuurently using 56K transfer rate averages from 4.5 to 5.6KB/sec.. if you're looking for a STABLE and an EASE OF USE download manager,IDM is for you.don't just try it..DO use it!!



I downloaded a 54 meg file with this utility and AVERAGED speed higher than my line is rated!!!!!!!!!!! How is this possible? I don't know, but I like it. A lot! Really good, it does make downloading much more faster, everyone should try it!




Desmond Cage

"excellent program!"

Thank you for this great product. I have installed IDM, tested it, and registered it finally. All is very well now. IDM is an excellent program and now that I've used it I would not want to be without it. I am happy to have such program. I think it's MUST HAVE. Download, try it, you won't regret!

Lee Kelsh

"Great Download Manager!!!"

I have tried many download managers but Internet Download Manager appears to beat them all. Easy Use and capability to download from any sites make it better than others, which also messed up with my browser due to high memory needs or incompatibilities to recent browsers!

Net research worker

"Nice, clean product"

This product is great for has a great speed and downloads them nicely. The most important thing is that it downloads all files correctly. What I did not like in DAP and Getright is the integration with web files.... for example the address ?" they will pick up on the EXE file which is not a file. DAP and Getright don't even open a window for this webpage properly. So I would recommend IDM product to people who downloads files and to people who surf the web with alot of these types of file extensions, When DAP, Getright and Netants fail, IDM works just great! Nice, clean product!

Steve Miller

"it's simple, easy and clean cutted"

This is VERY powerfull and fast download menager. It's only one problem...this is the shareware version and 30 day trial. The interface is easy to understand, unlike some programs in which you need to 'dig' to find the options. Can look for files, creates history of downloades (succesful or not)and most important does it's job well. I say give it a try.

John Porter

"WOW. this really runs and runs and runs..."

runs my connection to full speed. TDSL downloads up to 100 kB/s!!! Really a good download manager. Its worth a try in every case.

Chris Chriscole

"Boost Master"

Wel, I can tell you, if you have big bandwich, but no website supports fast downloads. Use this program!!! It boost from 100kb/s to 4000 kb/s, yes its true 4000kb/s. That my record until now!


"Get It!!!"

I just got done using this and recommend it to everyone. I am between novice and medium range in skills...Found it very easy, fast, informative...Thank you staff...The free one from F.D. is NOT worth your time to use...Tell your friends about this one.

Robert Reiff

"Really works, must try!"

This program really speed up your downloading speed by approximately 2 times for 56k modem. Must download!

James Casaus

"Works like a charm!"

Amazing, a download accelerator that actually works. I tried Fresh Download and I was not very impressed, but with this my downloading speeds are DOUBLE that of Fresh Download. I would recommend this to anyone who does a lot of downloading with cable or dial-up.

Impressed downloader

"lightning fast"

Much better than DAP & GetRight. IDM finds 16 file mirrors for lightning fast speed. Others only find up to 8. Unfortunately, the trial version ends after 60 days, so u have to buy it after that.

Chuck Krieger